Korean Unification or Killing Sunshine: Flashback to Flight 858 and the Summer Olympic Games of 1988 in Seoul

by Scott Creighton

(the following is part one of a two part series on the current reunification effort taking place in Korea formerly known as the Sunshine Policy.)

What’s old may be new again.

Representatives from South Korea and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) have met and agreed to allow a delegation from the DPRK to attend the upcoming Winter Olympics in South Korea next month. It is being reported they also may have begun negotiations to reopen their shared free trade zone and start to allow relatives separated by the split between the two Koreas to visit one another again.

Representatives from the DPRK wanted to broadcast live the entire meeting between the two sides but the South Korean delegation apparently didn’t want that much transparency so they only opened part of the discussion up to the press.

This website (American Everyman) has a long history of supporting the renewal of the Sunshine policy in Korea and calling out the powers of the Deep State in their long standing efforts to keep such a unification from ever happening.

Today, with the prospect of peace breaking out on the Korean peninsula so near, it’s appropriate to look back at the Deep State’s history of destabilizing and sabotaging previous efforts in the past.

Because if we have learned one thing over the years it’s that the Deep State isn’t very creative and can always be counted on snatch war out of the jaws of peace whenever possible… where ever possible. But don’t take my word for it. Here’s a neoliberal apologist for the Deep State voicing his opinion about how this will probably work out:

“We know how this ends, even if that ending is so horrifying we dare not even think about it.“

Unfortunately, if history is any indicator, we do know how this ends…

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